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Steve who? What is oneoveralpha anyway?


January 3, 2024 Ė I just posted a blog about My writing goals for 2024 which, well, Iím sure you can figure it out.

October 6, 2023 Ė I finally managed to publish The Uncapped Pen!

May 24, 2023 Ė Iíve been trying to post more microfiction stories. Unfortunately, they donít fit in my system for linking to stories, so I just started a new page for them.

If youíve come from the dumpster fire of Twitter, hereís my Mastodon profile.

In 2017, I posted a blog asking How did you find me? Iím curious to know how people discovered my work. If you would be so kind as to go and leave a comment, it would be most appreciated.

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Voter Registration Drive Book Sale!

From Monday February 26th, through Friday March 1st, these four ebooks will be free to download. All I ask, is if youíre an American over eighteen, register to vote or check your registration. More details can be found on this blog.

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